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Go for the Greens Foundation Inc.
Mentorship Program

Please fill out the form completely and submit by 11:59pm September 8, 2017.

Mentorship Program Application


Please include a short essay (maximum 300 words) about your goals for the future. Tell
us why you think this program would benefit you. The essay should include:

  • How you have demonstrated achievements in leadership. Give specific examples.
  • Your aspirations for the future, including educational and professional goals.
  • Why this program would be of value and what you would gain as a result.
  • Examples of your achievements or interest in entrepreneurship, if applicable.

Please indicate which topics are of interest to you as possible career choices.

Choose all that apply.


  Business (corporate leadership, consulting, real estate)

  Science, technology, engineering and math

  Environmental sciences

  Politics and government service

  Legal (attorney, law enforcement)

  Military and defense

  Aeronautics and aerospace


  Animal care


  Sports (competition, medicine, business)

  Fine arts (painting, drawing, dance, music)

  Computer graphics, filmmaking, gaming

  Writing, marketing, advertising

  Finance (banking, accounting, insurance)


  Retail operations

  Farming and agriculture

  Transportation and logistics

  Nonprofit leadership

  Other (please specify)