Golf and Networking

Blog post—Golf and Networking

We are just a few weeks away from the Go For the Greens Conference– are you going to join us? Lots of great workshops, lots of networking opportunities and a great golf event.

Speaking of golf– did you know that golf is a GREAT way to network and grow your business?  And the good news is that you don’t have to bebe a great golfer… just good enough.

I’ve done some research and here is what most people agree is the definition of “good enough”:

1. You can hit the ball 100 yards off the tee

2.  You can use an iron and hit about 75 yards on the fairway

3.  Hit out of the bunker two out of three times

4. Get on the green

5. Limit the number of practice swings

6. Three putt or less on the greens

7. You know golf etiquette

8.  You know when to give up and put the ball in your pocket.

Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they play golf?  I was skeptical about this at first and then I started hearing stories and anecdotes that confirm this.  Here’s an excerpt from a story in a Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine called “the10 Commandments of Golf”: “Several years ago, I happened to pair up with someone I hadn’t previously met at the Santa Fe Country Club, where I usually play.  After a few holes, we discovered common professional interests:  He was about to buy a local magazine — and after editing a travel magazine for several years– I was looking for a new opportunity. We had a lively discussion, with both of us thinking: “mmmm, kismet?”  Then a curious thing happened.  He preferred to drive his cart at top speed between shots and holes, whereas I liked to walk the course and take my time lining up each shot.  At the end of 18 holes we exchanged numbers, but we both knew we’d never collaborate.  Why?  Because the way we played golf spoke volumes about the way we approached our professions.”

The moral of that story?  People do business with people they like and respect… The golf course is a great place to find out if this is the type of person you want to do business with.  How you approach golf is how you approach.  How you play golf speaks volumes.

It’s no secret that women and men approach life and business differently. I asked a few guys I know who play golf what they like and don’t like about women golfers.  The comments were very interesting:

Pet peeves:  Not knowing the rules; not willing to consider the game like a competition; too much talking.  Things women do right:  Very courteous and complement great shots no matter who hits them; very tidy and repair ball marks; not taking the game too seriously and having fun; no bad language.

Here are 6 things to consider and remember when you play golf to network (from Geri Stengel, owner of

1. Pick your venue carefully–  there are different types of golf courses:  Public/private; 9 hole/18 hole; Difficult/easy

2. Know your elevator pitch– Who, what, where, when, why and how

3. Ask questions– make the discussion about them, not you

4. Go ready to give– go with the goal of giving something to them before you ask for their business. Set yourself up as a resource

5. Follow up

6. Take the pressure off– view this as an opportunity to get to know someone better.  Remember the story above about the possible business partnership that fizzled after a round of golf??

I wanted to end this post with a funny joke about golf and women, but unfortunately most of the jokes I found were more insulting than funny.  So I won’t share them.  I’ll end instead with an inspirational quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:  “To handle yourself, use your head;  to handle others, use your heart.”

There are lots of resources and groups for women interested in learning to play golf.  Contact me at and I’ll send you some links.


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MatchMaker MatchMaker

Hmmm, when was the last time you got to meet one-on-one with a corporate representative who is interested in your product or service?


Imagine getting selected for a MatchMaker Meeting with a major corporation and getting 15 minutes to pitch your product or service…  Interested??


We have a golden opportunity for you!

Go for the Greens Conference Business Development Conference for Women

September 19-21, 2013

Disney’s Board Walk Inn

The Go for the Greens Conference has a MatchMaker event during the conference and the following corporations will be participating:


  1. CHEP
  2. Disney Parks and Resorts
  3. Duke Energy
  4. Ernst & Young
  5. Florida Blue
  6. Florida Department of Transportation
  7. General Dynamics
  8. JM Family Enterprises
  9. Manpower
  10. Moffitt Cancer
  11. Progress Energy
  12. UPS

The process is simple:

  1. Register for the conference:
  2. Fill out the MatchMaker application form
  3. Send it to as per the instructions
  4. We will send the application to the corporations listed above and they will let us know who they want to meet.
  5. When you get the happy news that you have been selected, you’ll want to attend a webinar on how to prepare for the meeting where you will get tips and ideas on how to best present your product or service
  6. Get ready for your 15 minutes of fame!

The best thing about the MatchMaker meetings?  It’s an opportunity for you to establish a relationship with someone in the corporation who could become your champion and referral source.


I hope to see you there–And I hope to count your company in the ranks of the successful matches that led to contracts!


Questions?   Contact me at

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Is your marketing pitch perfect?

Pitch Perfect:  is your marketing pitch perfect?

You’ve heard the statement:  Luck is when preparation meets opportunity—do you believe that??  I do!  I’ve been around enough incredibly successful women business owners to know that they are always prepared for opportunities that might come their way.  One of the first things you need to do to be prepared for opportunities is to have an outstanding marketing pitch, aka an elevator speech.

The Go for the Greens Conference offers access to decision-makers at major corporations and government agencies who buy products and services from companies like yours.  The conference also provides lots of networking opportunities as well as educational programming.  Open seating at meal events and cocktail events ensures maxim exposure for your business and the boutique (limit 250 participants) setting means you will be rubbing elbows and breaking bread with people who can help you take your business to the next level.

So, how should you prepare and/or make sure your pitch is perfect?  Here are a few tips:

Experts say that it has to be less than 45 seconds long.

It has to be memorable.

It has to be instructive.

It has to be solution oriented.

45 seconds long sounds like a short amount of time, but you can get a lot said in 45 seconds if you organize your thoughts.  Remember the old who, what, where, how and why of your elementary school years?  That’s a great place to start: your name; what you do; where your business is located; how you can provide a solution and finally why should they care?  The answer to the why should they care question has to be the same answer as what’s in it for them…

Memorable pitches can be humorous, or they can be memorable because you said the right thing at the right time. Be flexible—you don’t always have to have the same exact pitch all the time.  It should have the same basic elements, but it can highlight one service over another depending on your audience.

Instructive pitches are always the goal—tell them what you do and how you do it. Don’t forget to brag a bit:  don’t be afraid to let them know that you have a contract with a corporation similar to theirs and that you can provide solutions to challenges they are facing.  

Things to consider include:

  • Your direct experience in their industry
  • Success stories
  • Trends they might not know about

 Be careful of pitfalls (!):

  1. Don’t try to include all of your business history and statistics
  2. Don’t talk so fast that people don’t understand
  3. Don’t close with a hard sell and
  4. Don’t sound desperate

So, be creative.  Be original. Be concise. And don’t forget to practice, practice, practice so the pitch doesn’t sound rehearsed.

Need help perfecting your pitch?  Contact  I’ll be glad to refer you to some incredibly talented women business owners who can help you.

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Go for the Greens LinkedIn Webinar!

Start 2013 on the right foot by improving your LinkedIn reach and value! Award-winning entrepreneur, digital strategist, thought leader, and 2012 Go for the Greens Panelist Hollis Thomases will be hosting the first Go for the Greens Webinar on January 22, 2013 at 12:30 p.m. EST.

About the webinar
LinkedIn has become the most powerful social network for business. LinkedIn is also relegating the resume, professional bio and even the business card to the back corner. In today’s real-time world of split-second judgments, if you don’t have your LinkedIn profile up-to-par, your professional accomplishments and potential business relationships could be unknown and overlooked.

Click here to register –

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Go for the Greens is only 6 weeks away!

Due to excitment, we’ve now created new package pricing options!  Significant savings can be had through the purchase of our pacakages!

Our 2011 Sponsors!

We hope to see you in a few weeks!

Go for the Greens Team

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Women Outnumber Men in 2012 Olympic Games!

As a source of inspiration to prepare for our conference… for the first time ever women outnumber men in the 2012 Olympics!
Women Outnumber Men in Olympics

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2012 Early Bird Rates available until July 10th!

G4G Flyer – early bird July

Early bird rates are available until July 10th!  Prices will increase by $100 after July 10th, so purchase today to reserve your spot at our heavily discounted prices on both golf and the conference!

Visit for more info!

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Go for the Greens 2012!

Great conference planned for this year! We will have an Expo Hall allowing you to sell your product or services with the purchase of an expo table!

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Go For the Greens Golf Networking Event recognized!!

The Go For the Greens Golf Networking Event was recognized in the October 2010 Issue of Corporate Incentive Travel Magazine.  The article, written by Diana Rowe, highlights the unique and fun enviroment created at the Go For the Greens Golf Networking event.

The golf event is great for all, not matter what your skill level!   Check out the link below to read all about it!!  Also remember the Early Bird Rates end June 30th, so book your spot in the golf tournament ASAP at or

Exerpt from the article:  ‘“We wanted a balance of education and networking,” Chace said. “We focused on three pillars to teach women: 1. how to increase their revenues through seminars and workshops; 2. ways to incorporate green practices and sustainability; and 3. networking skills through golf.” ‘

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Early Bird Registration is Available!!!!

Hello hello!  If you have not already heard or received an email, the 2011 Go For the Greens Conference is open for registration!  Check the link below for all the details!!  As we all know, the “early bird gets the worm,” so make sure to register at our early bird rates while they are available!!! 

More posts to come about our programming this year and other new and exciting festivities we have planned!!  2011 will be the best conference yet!  Get ready!

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